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Commercial Building Designs:

In the area of Commercial Building Design, we have developed an inventory of completed office building plans ranging from 3000 square feet to over 30,000 square feet. These plans are available for quick development of your commercial office project.

We have complete plans ready for the following different types of buildings:

1-story office buildings
2-story office buildings.
Multiple tenant retail buildings.
Multiple tenant warehouse/office buildings.

Any of the designs we have can be easily modified to custom design it for your project, or we will do a completely new custom design.

Mr. Bernhoft has over 41 years specializing in the commercial building design area of the construction industry. He worked as a design build contractor for 8 years and worked as the designer for a general contractor for 17 years prior to starting his own business.




Commercial Plans Available:


     Plan # C- 8329          Plan # C- 8890       Plan # C- 31548


     Plan # C- 3398          Plan # C- 9044         Plan # C- 9744


    Plan # C- 10012         Plan # C- 8036        Plan # C-11550


    Plan # C-18973         Plan # C-12436

Commercial Plans:

Plan # C-9914-OPT-1

Plan # C-9914-OPT-2

Plan # C-13277

Plan # C-15241

Plan # C-15708

Plan # C- 20528

Plan # C-21776